Friday, October 25, 2013

Bloody Nails with "Skyfall" and "Fake Bake"

Last post, I had a video tutorial for a drip-style Halloween manicure, and now I have the pictures!

I posted two inside photos--one of each hand--so maybe you can get an idea of just how easy this manicure is.  Unlike my last manicure, where my spider webs looked just a little more wonky on my left hand (painted with my non-dominant right hand), I think each side looks pretty good this time!  That's how easy everything was to do!

The only minor problem is:  since you're doing nail art with gels, and darker colored gel polishes tend to carry a lot of pigment, the darker color can bleed a little bit if you're not careful when applying a top coat.  You can see where this happened on the pointer finger of my left hand a little bit.

Anyway, as for the colors:

I used just one coat (albeit a bit of a thick coat) of OPI Gelcolor "Skyfall" for the blood drips.  This is a highly pigmented creme color--the perfect "oxblood" type of color that has just a few hints of brown to darken its red base.  The flash pictures make it look a little more blue-toned, but in real life it usually comes off as the color in the naturally lit picture posted first.  On its own, I think this color would be a perfect two-coat gel polish!

Too bad I can't say the same for Red Carpet Manicure "Fake Bake".  I used FOUR coats for this gel, because each coat was very streaky.  There are still one or two spots of streakiness--although luckily most got covered up by the designs I made, you can still see one such spot on the ring finger in the sunlit picture.  It is a nice nude creme color--a bit more yellow and peach based than the previous RCM gel polish I used, "It's Not a Taupe", but four coats isn't worth it!  It also was a rather thin gel, and it snuck into the side walls of my manicure pretty easily, even though I was very careful. 

Either way, I still really like the end result, and I'm trying to think of other color combos I can do to make this drippy nail art look awesome all year round!

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