Sunday, September 21, 2014

DIY Hard Nails: Before I Get to a Full Review...Look at THIS!

Hello again!  I have a lot of posts in mind, but not a lot of time to actually post lately. So... I have a video this time instead!

I'm working on a full review of the two gel polishes I'm wearing in the video (they're from a pretty new brand called DIY Hard Nails, and the shades I'm wearing are "Pink Frost" and "Blue Cocktail"), but it's taking me a bit to sit down, look through pictures, and write up the post. Since one of the colors I received is a thermal "color changing" gel polish, though, I figured it'd be kind of neat to show off how the gel polish works in a video!

The color changing shade here is "Pink Frost", and it has a pretty good range of color and reactivity--it's just about perfectly formulated to change with my hands as they go from hot to cold (or vice versa) on their own.  It changes from a bright hot pink to a neutral sheer, milky white-pink shade--and all the while the multitude of glitter keeps it from looking patchy or plain old boring.  Watch the video to see just what I mean. :)

I did receive these two shades to review, but that in no way has affected my experiences with this gel polish so far--I'm pretty intrigued by the color changing qualities and the almost "jelly-like" finish the gels provide with the glitter inclusions!  Their shades are now $14.99 on Amazon or the owner's website, although that price is a little higher than what I normally pay for gels, I might consider a few of their other shades because of their uniqueness.  Of course, there's a green I'd love called "Jade Glitz", but colors like "Heartbreaker", "Coca Cola Float", and "Sun Glow" would be pretty autumn-appropriate.

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