Monday, May 20, 2013

My Vampire is Buff (and NOT Sparkly!)

Hi again! Today I've got another OPI Gelcolor on my nails.  I find myself reaching for this brand a lot, because it has virtually no smell--unlike Red Carpet Manicure or Gelish--and I own more colors than I do Nailuv. 

So today I have  OPI Gelcolor's "My Vampire is Buff", and boy was I kind of afraid when I ordered this color online!  I pretty much set myself on buying it by the name alone, because I wasn't sure if I would like such a light color on my nails, or if it would work on my skin tone at all.  But I LOVE it!

What saves this color?  It's not really white at all.  It's a subtle tan/khaki creme shade that is very diluted with white,  and it's just the right shade--maybe slightly yellow-toned, but not too yellow at all.  It reminds me of a french vanilla marshmallow, the pages of a nicely aged book, and maybe even a Starbucks Dutch Apple Frappuccino or the color you'd paint your walls.  Or, I mean, I guess you could go by the name and say that it looks like the blood-deprived skin tone of the walking undead. 

That's a really random set of color descriptions, isn't it? 

But anyway, I used three coats for this manicure.  That's not what I was expecting to use, but I don't think I mixed up the pigments well enough in my bottle--which brings me to the last thing I want to share...

I have one tip for this shade: OPI Gelcolor bottles say "shake well before using", and you will DEFINITELY want to do that with this gel! I changed my color choice for my nails at the very last minute, so I did not mix this up as well as I could have. Since it's such a light color, sometimes I feel like I can see visible nail line (or VNL, whatever you want to call it) because of my poor mixing.


  1. Oh god... I want to buy this gelcolor now :p it looks sooo nice!

    1. It is rather pretty--even though it seems like such a "simple" color! And it's a pretty unique shade, at least in gel form.

    2. Yeah true... and I notice that you have to shake all gelcolors from OPI very well! Do you know any other brand like OPI that has no smell?

    3. The brand I originally bought, Nailuv, doesn't have any smell either in my opinion. But Nailuv can only be found online so far, and it's not that cheap unless you find it on sale at gilt or hautelook. Sally Hansen gels, and also Supernail Progel or IBD Just Gel didn't seem to smell, either.

      Of course they still all smell pretty bad if you stick your nose up close, but I didn't notice too much of a problem with those brands so far.