Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Lights of Emerald City" over "Seafoam"

Hello again!  I have a few things lined up, but I still haven't started posting more!

In the mean time, this is my most recent manicure:

I used Gelish "Seafoam" as the base color--it's a neat pastel green creme shade with slight blue and grey undertones.  So basically, it's just like the name, but it can also come across as rather "minty" colored, and pastel greens like this have been really popular over the last two spring seasons.  Formula-wise, I found this just as thin as the Red Carpet Manicure color I used recently--so I had to use three coats, and since it was a thinner gel it flooded my cuticles somewhat easily.  I've had this polish for a little while, so I'm not sure if I needed to shake it to mix it more, or what-have-you, but I was a little disappointed considering the high hopes I had for this color.  By the way, the first picture--the indoor picture with flash--is actually closest to what it looks like in most inside lights, although it does take on the bluer tone in more natural lighting.  

On top of that I have OPI Gelcolor "Lights of Emerald City".  This one is a clear gel with an unusual combination of square glitters--smaller ones that are sheer opalescent, and larger ones that are solid white.  The opalescent ones shine mostly warm tones--from pink to red to yellow--but they sometimes may shine a little green, too.  The funny thing about this gel is that it seems thicker than other OPI Gelcolors I've used so far!  It's so thick, it does not self-level as easily, and it does not flood into your cuticles very easily, either.  It seems to me almost like the Axxium gels I've tried--which are OPI's thicker pot-style gels.  I found this both good and bad.  It's good because it helps you to place the larger square glitters nicely,  because I personally tended to brush them off my nail entirely if I didn't dab them into place--and the same happened with the small glitter to an extent.   It's bad because, well, it can be hard for a newbie like me to make your nail surface look smooth and even with such a thick gel, not to mention the dabbing itself caused miniscule bubbles.  As with all glitters, sometimes I have problems getting the glitter to "stick" to the gel.  I STILL feel like gel + glitter do not mix well, an in fact resist each other.  The glitters in this gel seemed to be firmly encased under the surface once everything was all done, but I still had one large white square lift off.  You might even be able to see where it was on my pointer finger.

Anyway, my other caveat with this glittery gel is that I feel like sheer opalescent glitters (just like the ones in Gelish's "Silver Sands") sometimes don't show up on the nail very well, depending on the lighting.  With this combination, the glitters looked a cool blue when they weren't reflecting light, but that changes depending on what shade you layer these glitters over--and they can seem to disappear altogether if you layer it over black.

Overall these nails kind of reminded me of polka dots, but instead of the usual organized polka dot, more like the random "ditsy dot" fabrics that were popular in--I think--the earlier 1900's.  It's kind of like nail art without all the work!