Monday, April 29, 2013

Gel Haute Polish

Long time no see! Sorry; the semester was finishing up, and after writing 10 pages, I didn't feel like writing much more!  Plus the weather has REALLY sucked lately--like raining nearly every day that I'm off of work.  I filmed a video for my review of the "Gel Haute Polish" I wore in my previous post, but the natural lighting was, well, lacking.

I'll summarize it, too,  just in case the lack of contrast is annoying your eyes like it did for me.

I mentioned I was writing a paper, so I was doing a lot more tapping with my nails, and maybe that was my issue... but I was totally unimpressed by the lasting power of this gel polish.  I had some chips by day 4 created by stress on my nails from bending them (even though I cut them shorter and they weren't even bending that much).  I had more chips by day 6 from various things, most noticeably because this gel softened very easily with a good hand washing in hot water.   So I had little chips along the side-walls and cuticules.   The gel did shrink a little from the free edge when curing, which I didn't really think of as a problem... until it started becoming more noticeable and I had lifting at the free edge by day 5-6, with a little more lifting on the sides by day 7. I was pretty disappointed and ended up removing the polish at day 8.

All these problems, coupled with the gel curing in the clear bottle as I mentioned in the last post... well, I don't have a pretty good opinion of this gel polish.  I do have two more colors from Gel Haute Polish, though, so I'll try those out on another occasion to see if the shrinking and the wear issues were just due to the color I chose.

That's all for today!  Hopefully my next post won't be an entire week away. 

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