Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Nail Soakers"...say what?

Last year when I first started doing my nails, I thought these silicone reusable "nail soakers" would be the best, least wasteful thing to use to remove my manicures.  You can buy them many places online for under $5 for ten of them.  They claim to waste less acetone than using a bowl to soak off your gels, and they do not waste aluminum foil.

Well, I did a video review on them, and as you'll see, they're not that great of a product....

I kind of ramble on here, but I didn't want to edit the video, because once again I did a little "experiment" to show you why they do not work that well.

I always seem to do video reviews more on things I DON'T like versus the things I DO like.  I'm going to have to try to fix that, but between the weather, shift changes, etc... I'm never sure how often I can get to take pictures or video.

I'll have more polish updates soon, though, don't worry!


  1. They work better if you put an acetone-soaked cotton ball inside instead of just filling them with acetone.

    1. Yeah, I mentioned that at the last half of the video--for me, that still doesn't work too well! The acetone pad doesn't stay on my nails, and my nails are too curved to press against the sides of the soaker and still have a good "adhesion" if you could call it that. I can make them work to an extent, but using tin foil still works better.