Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Gel Haute Polish"

Ok so, the title of this post probably sounds weird, right?  It does to me. Have you ever heard of this brand of gel polish?  Have you tried to google it?  Yeah, have fun with that... if you google it, you get mixed results for this brand, "Gel Haute Polish", and another "Haute Polish" gel polish.  So I'll explain a little bit before I get to my swatches.

The fact is, these two slightly different brands are produced by the same company (their websites are owned by the people that own Luminess--the airbrush makeup--and their contact numbers are the same).  They have slightly different brand names for different formulas, and maybe to target different demographics.  "Haute Polish" is marketed as a one-step gel polish, with no need for a base coat or top coat.  "Gel Haute Polish" is a system of its own, and requires the usual base and top coat to make it shiny.  The bottles look a little different, but they have the same style of sticker on the front, and they are both clear bottles.

...Wait, CLEAR bottles for UV-sensitive gel polishes?  How does that work?

Well, in my opinion, it doesn't.  I took a photo of my bottle after I had used it, and it had some funky polish around the inside of the bottle, and no matter how much I tried to shake it, the patterning it had made did not move.  Which leads me to believe that it had cured in the bottle from exposure to UV rays found in lighting in a warehouse, while I was painting my nails, etc.  Here you go:

What's worse, after I took this picture, I forgot about the bottle being clear and left it out by the window for a bit, which resulted in even more polish getting "stuck" or cured against the side walls of the bottle. As far as I can tell, it's only a thin layer on the outside that cures, but it's still annoying and it's still a small percentage of gel that's going to be unusable!

Anyway, I haven't heard much about "Gel Haute Polish", and the only reason I bought it was because I saw it on when I had a coupon there last year--you can't even buy the set of three I bought there anymore, unfortunately, but the link for this color is "Pewter".  The polishes are the small .30fl oz/9mL size, and they're about $12 each or $26 for a set of three. Only the latter is a good deal, if you can find a set that has unique colors. 

I'll have a more in-depth review as my nails wear, but so far, I actually like this color!  I used Gel Haute Polish's "Pewter" shade (by the way, keep your receipts, because no where do they state the color on the bottle!)  It's very unique--it's a nice light grey speckled with holographic silver shimmers.  The only downside is that this is very sheer!  I used three coats, and you can still see visible nail line (or VNL).  When the light hits it and the color of my natural nails shines through, it transforms the shade from a cool grey to a warm taupe-y greige.    But I like the scattered holographic shimmer although it didn't photograph too well, and to jazz it up I applied OPI Gelcolor "Which is Witch?" at the base of my nails to make it stand out a little more.  I'll probably do more on the OPI Gelcolor a little later. 

Well, did you sit through and read all that?  Sorry, I can get a little verbose.  So FINALLY, here's the color!  In natural light and with flash:

You can see the holographic glitters in the second picture a bit, right?  They didn't want to photograph too well.

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