Monday, April 15, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Review After 2 Weeks

Hi again!  I wanted to do more reviews, so since I had a pretty good experience with my most recent manicure using a somewhat newer gel brand (Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish), I thought I'd record a video review of it...

Due to limitations,  I recorded this video on day 10 of my manicure.  But I actually just removed this gel today, which is day 15, and it still held up almost just the same as in the video.  I had one part that lifted on the free edge, because I'm completely terrible and I misuse my nails, and I had one part lift up on the side due to doing a nail repair there before painting my nails.  So that part was going to be weak, anyway. 

Overall I liked this polish--at least this color--even if there were "dupes" for this color already out on the market.  I hope they expand their line in the future, because it's pretty affordable with Ulta's sales and coupons!

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