Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ulta Deals!

Hello again!  I just got back from my first round of after-Christmas shopping today, so I may be a bit late on these after-holiday markdowns, but I wanted to bring attention to some great clearance steals going on at Ulta right now!

I'll link to the equivalent sales online, but keep in mind that your store may have a varying selection, with more or less than the website may have.

First of all, Sally Hansen is updating its gel polish line--I've posted about seeing some of their shades on clearance at random stores before, including pharmacies and grocery stores.  But now Ulta is going to revamp their selection, it seems, and their old stock of Sally Hansen gels are SUPER CHEAP!  In store, the Pro Gel Polishes range from $1.68 (for the black shade only) to $3.19 for all current stockThe Insta-Gel Strips are similarly priced--$3.69 for most of their styles or shades, although when I went, most of the nicer patterned strips were already sold out.  In store you can also find some of the starter kits on clearance, although only the smaller kit is to be found on clearance online.

Here's the links:

Sally Hansen Salon Strips Starter Kit from $7.49

Sally Hansen Pro Gel Polish from $3.19

Sally Hansen Insta-Gel Strips from $3.69

Actually, it looks like most of the colors for the gel polishes are full-price online even though the gel strips are still on clearance, so if you really want a steal, get to a store!

Once again, some Red Carpet Manicure is on clearance as well--but this time with a twist.  Apparently, they had duos on sale over the holidays for $14.99, but now that they're on clearance they are $7.49.  Yeah, that's TWO Red Carpet Manicure Polishes for $7.49! 

Here's the Red Carpet Manicure "A Touch of Bling" Color Duets on clearance online, but only 3 of the 6 sets that you can find in store are actually on the website.  Once again, if you want a better selection, try out some of your stores!

There's more to it than that, too: these duos that are on clearance include exclusive holiday shades that I have not seen for sale separately, that are dupes for most of Gelish's 2012 holiday collection. 
Most duos have one permanent shade and one exclusive shade, for example:
  • "Dripping In Luxury" (Permanent) & "Looking Like A Million $$" (Gelish "Just What I wanted" dupe)
  •  "I Am So Honored" (Permanent) & "Black Tie Affair" (Gelish "Naughty List" dupe, although this shade does sound familiar from 2012 too...)
  • "Red Carpet Reddy" (Permanent) & "Ring My Belle" (Gelish "Little Miss Sparkle" dupe)
  • "9 Inch Heels" (Permanent) & "Sapphire & Ice" (Gelish "Holiday Party Blues" dupe)
  • "You Like Me, You Really Like Me" (Permanent) & "I'll Toast To That" (Gelish "Danny's Little Helpers" dupe)
  • "White Hot" (Permanent) & "Holiday Soiree Red-y" (Gelish "All Tied Up With A Bow" dupe)
And for the sake of completeness, I'll also mention that there may still be other random Red Carpet Manicure shades floating about your clearance sections at Ulta, too.  The website has a few shades for $2.49 it seems, but I'm not sure what the full extent of that sale is!

Oh yeah, and don't forget to sign up for their emails or store card to get their usual $3.50 off $10.00 coupons.  This way, you could find yourself getting 4 gel polishes for about $10!

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