Saturday, June 21, 2014

Coral and Gold with NaiLuv

I'm still in the mood for bright summery colors (the summer solstice is today, after all!)  So this week I decided to try out some of my new NaiLuv colors --"Risque Business" and "Peach Blossom".

(My photos look a little different this week due to the changing daylight hours, so for reference: the first two photos were taken in varying degrees of sunlight, the third is with flash, and the fourth is purely indoor lighting.) 

NaiLuv "Peach Blossom" is a peachy coral creme shade--but it leans much more peach, with just a hint of red to be seen in some lights (especially the second photo, with the sun behind the clouds).   Initially, I thought it reminded me of a China Glaze Gelaze color called "Flip Flop Fantasy", but it's actually very very close to Gelaze "Peachy Keen" instead; it's just a shade or two more dull/less neon.  This color did shrink from the free edge of the nail a little bit, but it wasn't super noticeable, and it didn't affect the wear time.  I needed three coats for opacity with this shade.

For one of my accent nails I used NaiLuv "Risque Business".  This was a pretty big disappointment for a quite a few reasons,  but the color isn't one of them.  The color itself is a tarnished brassy gold metallic shade--it looks pretty bright and metallic in the sunlight, but in most lights it appears more muted--like old brass might appear--as seen in the second and last photos.  While I really wasn't looking for another gold shade, this is a pretty unique color; it's not too yellow, and the metallic reflects are very fine size-wise.  It's also opaque in two coats, although I did use three to keep it consistent with my other nails.  Since it is a metallic shade, it does have a tendency to show brush strokes,  as you may be able to tell!

My problem with this shade probably begins with the fact that this was my first iffy experience with Hautelook--this single gel polish took twice as long to arrive to my door than the three other gels I ordered at the same time.  It also looks nothing like its supposed swatch online at Hautelook or NaiLuv's site; I thought I was going to get a nude neutral with some shimmer,  but instead I got a metallic gold shade.  Finally,  look at the brush!  It is the only NaiLuv gel I've had that has a  permanently splayed and bent brush.  This made application a little annoying,  even though I only used it on two nails.

Finally, on the other accent nails I tried out a faux "water marbling" technique using these two shades plus Gelish "Make a Difference", which I reviewed last year around this same time.  I know I haven't perfected this method at all, so I'll comment more on what happened (cue cinematic music) another post.

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