Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gelish "Make A Difference"

With the warmer weather, I've been more into brighter colors.  Normally bright bubble-gum-like pink is not my thing, but I bought this color on clearance a while ago at Sally Beauty Supply, and it called out to me this week.

 Gelish "Make a Difference" is a great medium-toned pink: it's a very saturated pink, but it's not too bright or too pastel, and not too warm or too cool.  In fact, I feel like my pictures almost make it look like two different colors, because in natural lighting it plays off the blue tones of the sky, but in yellow lighting it appears more warm.   

It has a very fine gold shimmer throughout it; not enough to be metallic or show your brush strokes, but it's there.  Despite the warm-toned shimmer, it doesn't warm the overall color and make it look too salmon-like or coral.  Instead it just gives a little extra dimension, and while sometimes you do not see the shimmer at all (IE the second photo), sometimes it shimmers a nice gold (IE the first photo) or even kind of reflects the white in the lighting or the pink in the polish.  Because of the tiny shimmer, it reminds me a bit of OPI's "My Address is Hollywood", only the OPI color has a bit more of a muted/grey undertone to it. 

The formula for this color applied very well, with no migrating or shrinking anywhere, so I can't really say much else! 

I'll leave you with another attempted up-close macro shot I took to try to show off the shimmer in this polish.  I think I'm getting a little bit better?  You can even super-size the image for the full effect!


  1. When I saw the first picture, I was like WOW this reminds me of my address is hollywood from OPI... and guess what you just said the same :D!
    Nice color!

    1. Haha! Glad I'm not the only one that noticed the similarity, even through photos! OPI's color is definitely a little more muted than this, but they are both great colors.