Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nailuv "Boracay Beach" & Red Carpet Manicure "Shimmering Gown" Tips

Hi again, world!  It's been kind of a busy week, but I'm finally back to post pictures of the manicure I had in my last post:


You're probably thinking, "Uh, why so many pictures? Do you really need FOUR pictures to show off your nails?"  Well, yeah!  I found this color so interesting I had to keep trying to get more pictures. 

Nailuv's "Boracay Beach" is the perfect teal blue creme color.  Like, it literally walks the line between the two:  in inside light it is a little more jade-green-ish (such as in the first two pictures), while in outside light the blue tones show and almost make it look neon (such as in the last two pictures).  I used two coats, and while it is a slightly jelly-like gel polish and I COULD see some visible nail line in direct sunlight,  I thought it looked good enough to stop at just the two coats alone.  Three would probably make it more opaque, though.  This is the first Nailuv gel I used that slid around on my nails a teensy bit--it didn't really "shrink", but I noticed it tended to shy away from the side walls of my nails.  Not sure what was going on, but a quick brush over each painted nail just before curing it fixed any problems. 

At the tips of my nails I used one coat of  Red Carpet Manicure's "Shimmering Gown", which is a sheer teal blue-tinted gel with a light green/gold flecks of sparkles.   This color is hard to describe; since it has a blue base, the sparkly flecks sometimes carry a blue tone, although most of them appear to be a light spring green.  The shade of the sparkles, however, means that they sometimes catch the yellow in the light in such a way that they may appear to have flecks of gold as well.  Since this shade is pretty sheer, which means it's a great addition to any blue polish you may be bored of or may want to jazz up for some occasion.  If you layer it evenly, it may also be a great color enhancer/changer for many other shades of gel polish, too!

I wish I would have been able to get macro shots of this glitter gel, but it will probably have to wait until I paint a full nail with it.  For now, I think you can see the glitter best in the fourth and final picture.


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    I'm want more of easy nail designs but I prefer beautiful color and shades. yours is just perfect!
    Lovely nail design.


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