Monday, June 3, 2013

Red and Gold

Today I've got something different for me, but also something really popular.

That's Orly's "Rage", or rather, the Orly SmartGel version of "Rage".   "Rage" is a pretty iconic color for Orly, in my opinion.  You know how shimmery champagne eye shadows are "all the rage" and are marketed as having a multitude of benefits for your eye looks as well as being flattering on many skin tones?  Well, this is kind of like that color turned into a nail polish.  It pretty much is the perfect bubbly champagne color--in low lights it looks tan and even rosy, but in the direct light it shines white-gold (which means it's slightly gold toned, but also could pass for a silver tone shimmer, too).  I've included two different sunlight photos to attempt to show the variation in color that comes with different angles in the light--the first photo has more shadows, the second has more shine.

There's a few downsides to this polish, though: 

One is that it's pretty sheer. I should mention that I used three coats here, and you can still see visible nail line.  I've never tried the regular nail polish version of "Rage", but I was expecting something more full-coverage based on swatches I've seen online.  I think my disappointment stems from the fact that the shimmer/glitter does not stay evenly distributed and suspended well in gel, which seems to be a problem with glitter gels in general.  This whole polish is made up of various irregular shaped flecks of colored shimmer/glitter, after all.  As I was painting my nails, I could literally see the glitter starting to settle--as I got farther along, the gel my brush picked up got more and more clear.  I tried shaking it, but obviously I didn't do too great of a job. Maybe it would benefit from being stored upside down overnight? 

Two is that it shrinks back from the edges of your nails. This isn't quite apparent at first because of the color of the polish as well as the fact that it's partially sheer to begin with, so  I didn't notice that it was shrinking until I was on my third coat.  I combated the "shrink back" by painting just the tips of my nails before sealing it all off with my top coat, and later on I just cured two nails at a time to prevent the shrinking. 

Lastly, on my ring finger I used one layer of Nailuv's "Super Freaky" over  "Rage".  I've described it before when I bought it and did a haul with it, but this color's a true red sparkle shade in a slightly red-tinged gel.  It doesn't look too bad in the photos, but since I only used one layer, it came out a little patchy.  This applied as well as every other Nailuv polish I've used, but in the future I would definitely want to build up the opacity of this using more coats.  It kind of looks neat in the photos with "Rage" showing through in the light, though, doesn't it?


  1. You can polish on Rage quite opaque with regular nail polish, I think because it's a glitter gel as you mentioned before...
    Maybe try another goldish shade underneath before applying rage? Anyway I like Rage a lot! And the first photo turns out really neat!

  2. Thanks!

    I agree, the gel version would work well with a similar opaque shade underneath to make it look better in less coats. Or, using it as a sheer shade, it could work as a base for a french manicure, too, I'm guessing.

    I'll have to try this shade again in the future and mix it up much MUCH better first, maybe it was just all my error!