Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gellaka Deals on Zulily!

Hello again!  I've been really, really busy lately--and while I've still been painting my nails and taking pictures, I've been too busy writing papers to edit blog posts.  I'm really sorry, guys!   But I've been hoping that some stores and online businesses will start having some great gel polish sales in preparation for the holidays, though, so I've been trying to keep my eye out a little more.

Well, today I just realized that Gellaka is finally back on sale!  Gellaka gel polishes are on sale at Zulily from now until 11/21.  Individual gel polishes are $7.99 each for 8 ml, or you can buy some pre-made sets that save you a little more - each gel polish costs as low as $6.00 in some of these sets!

I've only used Gellaka two times before, and while I had an iffy experience with soaking-off the color the first time around, I did things a little differently the second time and had much better results!  Plus,  I like the size of the Gellaka bottles for the price, and their color selection is a-maz-ing!  If you can manage to spare some money for yourself at this time of the year, you might want to check them out. :)

I hope to see you guys again soon!

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