Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fingerpaints "Fine Art Auction"

I've been eying up FingerPaints' gel polishes ever since the end of summer, when I fell in love with "As If Figuratifs".  Truth be told, I never really noticed that color in FingerPaints' permanent collection before--and when I found it, my first thought was, "what other duochrome gems are hidden in this rack?"  Well, I started opening up bottle after bottle, and I found this duochrome (or more appropriately: a MULTI-chrome!) along with it:

Yeah, another gel polish I couldn't stop taking pictures of.  But look how gorgeous it is!  I tried to get one picture with flash at the end there, but mostly, you need some good overhead lighting to make this polish shine.

FingerPaints "Fine Art Auction" is a multi-chrome metallic brown gel polish.  In some lights, it is a warm red-brown with a light aquamarine-like blue-green duochrome.  In others, it is much more fuchsia toned with a violet to light lavender-blue duochrome.  The shifts in color were so different, sometimes I felt like I was wearing two different gel polishes in one!  I took two pictures in the same setting, one in the sunlight and one without any direct sunlight, to show you how different it can look:


It reminds me a little bit of that famous MAC cosmetics pigment called "Blue Brown", or their very similar eye shadow called "Club"--but more awesome!  Funnily enough, I'm not sure if this was the most flattering color on my skin tone, especially with the very warm brown base, but I was so enamored by the shifting colors that I didn't even really care. 

And again...I couldn't stop trying to take pictures.  I was trying to capture the multiple shifts all in one photograph--I think I kind of succeeded!


Formula-wise, it required three coats for full coverage, although you could probably get away with two if you have shorter nails. 

I'm so excited to find out if FingerPaints has more duochrome gel polishes now! I think there's one more I'm missing--a blue-pink color. 


  1. I love this colour it looks stunning and so different!!!!

    I wish I could get this in Sally's in the UK but they don't stock it :(

    1. Sorry I didn't see your post until now-- that really sucks! Have you tried looking on ebay, maybe? Or everyone should just petition Sally's to offer more gel polish items to EVERYONE! :)

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