Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hey there! Featuring NaiLuv "Working Woman"

Long time,  no see, internet!  I'm not going to make a ton of excuses; I've been so busy with school in the past year that blogging about my gel polish has become the last thing on my mind.  I even had to cut back my hours at my job because of school.   And, as silly as it may sound, school even dictates what color nail polish I can wear most of the time, which makes life a little boring.

I still love gel polish, of course, though--even though I haven't posted in a year, I still think UV/LED cured gel polishes are the best thing on the market, way better than any "gel effect" polishes that don't require curing under a light.

So, I'm finally back to share my holiday nails this year--nothing crazy or decorative, but bright and fun!

Indirect sunlight.

Direct Sunlight--the gel is true-to-color, but my skin's so pale, it got a little washed out!

This is NaiLuv "Working Woman", which is a cool-toned cherry red gel filled with red and pink microshimmer.  The shimmer is more subtle without direct light, but in sunlight the hot pink in it really shines through!  It's one of NaiLuv's original colors, and while it may not be entirely "on trend" or unique it is pretty awesome, and very festive for any holiday with some red in its theme.

By the way, this gel only required 2 thin coats for full coverage!  On the down side, though, it did suffer some minor chips at the tips about a week into the manicure, but I did put these nails through some heavy crafting and gift-wrapping.  The chips were minor, about 1 mm in size, and not even noticeable from arm's length away.  Interesting enough, the chips did not cause the gel to lift much beyond the chipping point, which is usually what limits the life of my gel manicure.

See ya later, internet--hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later, this time!

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