Sunday, January 17, 2016

OPI Gelcolor "Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow"

Hi again!  This is a color I've wanted for a really long time.  Like, I've wanted it for years.  In 2012, I reviewed Gelish "A Runway for the Money" and was pretty disappointed at its application and dirty green color.  I wanted a color that was darker but still a richer forest green tone.

And that's why I've finally picked up OPI GelColor "Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow".  It's the perfect almost-black forest-green creme color.  It's another classic OPI color along the lines of "Lincoln Park After Dark", in that if you don't look closely and don't know what you're looking for, you may mistake it for a plain black color.  But the reality is it has a little more depth and complexity than that!

Of course the snow storms roll in when I take pictures!

A flash photo to hopefully get another perspective of this color.

It took two coats to get full coverage, although I might recommend that you go for three thinner coats, because this is how my application went:

The first coat was really splotchy, and wanted to sink into the ridges and imperfections in my nails.  That's why my nail beds don't look so perfect!

The second coat seemed to fully cover those imperfections in all but the brightest daylight, but as a trade off for being a bit more heavy-handed with my polish, I did suffer some lifting between the layers of one of my nails within two days, because the dark color didn't cure all the way through.  This problem can be resolved by curing for a bit longer than usual--45 seconds or a minute versus 30 seconds--and using thinner layers as I mentioned before.

Looking through my posts, I seem to really love creme colors... not to mention greens!  Did you know: green the most popular nail polish color in my state?  Check it out at Allure: you can see the most popular nail color in every state!  I went home for the holidays and my mother was even wearing a very similar color. :)


  1. Great post! You mention curing for a bit longer, are you of the opinion that this can cause damage to your skin?
    It hasnt bothered be in the past, but as I get older i worry about this more and more.
    It is mentioned in this blog too about how to get 4 weeks out of gel polish, but does mention there is a risk.