Thursday, October 25, 2012

It All Started...

Hello again, Internet!

I'm going to use this blog to keep tabs on my foray into the world of Soak Off Gel (SOG) polishes.

It all started a little while ago when I ventured onto while they were having a sale on "NaiLuv" gel polishes and LED lights.  I had heard about gels a little bit, and knew they were supposed to last a long time, but it all seemed quite confusing and expensive, what with all the brands and kits and types of lights. Plus, I am not the best person at nail polish application, and I know gels require a lot precision.

I tried doing some Google searches for reviews and swatches for this NaiLuv brand, and didn't find much, unfortunately! Being an internet savvy beauty lover, I really hesitate to buy things online without swatches and reviews first.  I did find, though, that their LED light that they were selling on Hautelook was the optimal type for most gel polishes-- LED lights cure gels faster using a more limited spectrum of UV rays, so there's less chances of damaging your skin as well as getting a faster manicure.  So whatever, I hopped on the bandwagon, and got my first order from Hautelook:

And after my first (somewhat subpar) manicure, I was pretty hooked!  But more on that in a next post...

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