Thursday, October 25, 2012

NaiLuv Soak Off Gel Polish in "Hollywood"

This was my first SOG manicure... keep that in mind as you read my review and see the pictures!

First things first, though; let's start with the base coat.  NaiLuv's dual base/top coat is great for giving you  a high gloss shine that lasts and lasts. However, I find the formula a bit thicker than the polishes, for some reason!  It's hard to get all the excess gloss off of the brush aplicator, and since it's clear, it's also kind of hard to see that there's too much on your nails until your cuticles are flooded... I've mentioned this in a video review (I'll link below), but I just wanted to reiterate it again.   I feel like I could have less problems chipping at the cuticle area if I had a more precise application with this.

But as for the polish! NaiLuv "Hollywood" is a classic wine color... it looks like a deep brownish red in low-light, but in sunlight it has subtle berry tones that come out.  I've been wishing for a nice really dark brown/black tinged cream color with no blue tones, and this is not it.  From all the blogs and sites I've lurked on though, I'm not sure a color like that exists in a gel form yet.  Boo!

The application?  Hollywood goes on a bit streaky... I have also heard this can be common with similar shades in other SOG brands, too.  I would have needed three coats for a nice opaque finish, but I only used two in all these photos, since I was kind of hurried.  If you have superb application skills, you could get away with two coats, but then the color might be a little transparent and jelly like in bright light.  If you used two thicker coats (as I did on my thumbs), well, then, you risk having the color peel!

This manicure stayed on for 11 days... I could have lengthened that if I was more careful and did a few more touch ups with the top coat, but my nails were growing out a little too much by then, and I felt like my thumbs were getting a little too chipped. 

And now... Pictures! First in daylight, then two in inside lighting.

Also, a video review for you as well:

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