Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Removing NaiLuv Polish...How Long Does it Last?

A little while ago I uploaded a video about my first experience removing NaiLuv's soak off gel polish (or any gel polish, for that matter). It's a little fragmented, though, since I misplaced some of the pictures I had taken of the process...

For a short recap, though, here's my nails the day before I took my polish off... this was day 11 of my manicure--not too spectacular, but considering my nail polish usually lasts 3 days, I was in awe!

There's definitely chipping--mostly from where my gel polish had adhered to the cuticles and started to lift off.  There were probably two small chips on the tips of my nails from actual wear and tear. 

Removal took at least 20 minutes with a warm pure acetone bath and some work with an orange stick and my opposite thumb to get off stubborn bits.  I'm not sure what happened, but there were a few parts of the gel that seemed to have crystallized onto my nail!  Those can be filed away (especially while they are still soaked in acetone), but they may leave a few spots of color on your fingers or may be visible as a different texture upon close inspection of your nails.  I have a few theories as to why this happened to me:

  1. It's the polish itself.  Could  be true, but I'd like to eliminate other possibilities first.
  2. Applying the polish too thick?  I tried to use nice thin coats, but it is sometimes hard to see when you're working with a clear polish!
  3. Over-curing? So it went from a "gel" consistency to a "crystal"?
  4. Considering the spots that "crystallized" onto my nail seemed to be on the whites of my nails, I'm wondering whether it isn't a very specific type of over-curing.  My light has mirrors all around to bounce around the rays--is it possible the UV rays hit the "overhang" of my nails twice as much due to the mirrors and made them overcure?  Does this idea even make sense to anyone but me?!? 
Either way, I have already used my NaiLuv system again, with slightly better removal results the second time around.  So again, maybe it's all just my error and I will continue to improve. :)

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