Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Born Pretty Store" Haul & Review

First of all, I guess this isn't really a "deal", but I don't have any other categories for this type of stuff yet!

I was looking online for some striping tape recently, since I've really been into "jazzing" up my nails a little more.  While there are a ton of Ebay sellers online that offer it, they are almost all located in Asia, and they mostly all offer "random lots" of colors, which could mean anything.

I've seen a lot of people do "hauls" from the in the past few weeks alone, and I noticed that they had what I wanted, so I figured I'd try it out for myself.  They are also located in Asia, but they sell a pack of every color striping tape they offer instead of just a random lot.  And they always have some sort of "discount" going on, either on their website or through searching  Not that their prices aren't reasonable, anyway--certain things are more than Ebay sellers would charge, but my purchase was still less than $15 shipped. 

I just got my items, and there were a few things that didn't come across well in their pictures, so I figured I would do a video review to try to show some of the differences I encountered and my impressions.  I was a little disappointed with some things, but over all still pleased with my order.

I purchased these two items:
12 Colors Nail Art Shiny Glitter Powder Sheets Tips Tool

Maybe this can help some people intending to purchase the same things I did!

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