Saturday, January 26, 2013

OPI Gelcolor "Tomorrow Never Dies"... Updated!

So I'm pretty sure I jinxed myself in my last post; the night after I posted it, two of my nails started lifting on my dominant hand.  Then, 24 hours later, the same two fingers on my non-dominant hand did the same.  This was around day 8.  I tried to salvage them for a few more days with some nail glue (it worked, making my manicure last for a total of 11 days).

By the end of that time, I had also felt like the polish had "faded", or rather, some of the blue-tones had diminished, leaving it looking a little more black and purple toned. "Eggplant" is the only color name I can think of to call the color shift I thought I saw.  I didn't do a comparison photo this time around, unfortunately!

Anyway, I put most of my "experience" with the wear on this polish in a video to explain it a little more in depth:

And, since I was not satisfied with how I tried to capture the purple undertones and the red/magenta micro shimmer in the last post, I tried out my camera again when we finally got some nice sun.  I urge you to click through the picture to make it bigger; it's a BIG picture, but it captures the shimmers pretty well.

Lastly, I almost forgot that Ecklipsed by Color reviewed the same gel polish! Her swatches are another great source--the photo with the snowflake nail art also captures the warm undertones and shimmers in this polish very well.

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