Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OPI Axxium Soak Off Gel

I've done a lot of reading about different types of gels these last few months... the strangest type to me is the "old-style" ones that come in pots. I say "old-style", because I feel like most companies are now into the gels that are packaged much like regular nail polishes, in a polish bottle with their own brush.  Of the pot-style gels, you can get a lot of random brands on the internet, but the most famous one is probably OPI's Axxium.  While I think OPI is continuing to manufacture Axxium gels, I'm not sure if they're coming out with any new shades like they are with the Gelcolor line.

Why? OPI Axxium made special releases of six new gels each to go along with the regular nail polish "Burlesque" collection and, most recently, the regular nail polish "Muppets" collection.  The last two regular polish collections for "Germany" and  "Skyfall" have had OPI release half a dozen coordinating Gelcolors, but no more Axxium colors.  If you count the "Holland" release with it's 6 matching Gelcolors, that's three collections that OPI has stopped releasing Axxium gels for!

After all, potted gels are a little trickier than regular gels.  They settle much more, and you can't shake them, you have to have a palette stirrer to mix them up.  And they don't come with their own brushes, you will need to buy one of your own. This isn't too big of a deal, though, since you can buy OPI brushes yourself, or there are acceptable alternatives at most stores that sell painting supplies (I go to Michael's!)

I bought some Axxium gels recently, and since Elena (the same one I mentioned in the last post) asked me about them, I thought I'd do a video to kind of show what Axxium is like.  It's not a how-to, because I'm not a pro.  And it's a little yellowed out, but hopefully my camera was good enough to catch the details so you can see how thick the gel is and how it lays out.  You will want to watch this in as much of a high definition as you can!

I hope this was a little helpful to you! 

PS: OPI Axxium makes another type of gel system separate from the Soak Off Gels as you can see on their Australian website, and this one is only available in about 5 different pots/shades.  I have only tried the ones that specify "Soak Off Gels"--if you try out the "Gel System" type, I am not sure if your polish will soak off or need to be filed off!


  1. Okay I was way too fascinated by that... I can definitely see how you have a bit more control with Axxium. Wow is it the total opposite of gelcolor which sometimes needs 3 coats to reach the full color ( 4 in the case of Goldeneye) Do you use a base or top coat with this system? Which shade were you applying? ( yes.. I know so many questions...) :)

    1. I still use my regular top and base coat, yeah. I think this dries with a slightly duller surface without it. Oh, and if you leave it sit too long before curing (as I did with this hand since I was trying to film it!) it will still level itself and "drip" into your cuticles and the sides of your nails, too.

      I was using "Gone Gonzo!", which is just light blue sparkles and larger silver hexagon glitter in a clear base--mine was also settled a little, so it doesn't look as jam-packed with glitter as the regular nail polish version does.

      Oh and yeah, I would definitely try to keep the layers to a minimum with Axxium unless you put them on very thin; since it's a thicker gel it builds up fast. But I haven't used an opaque Axxium color yet to see how well that works, unfortunately!

      I think I got all of your questions, I hope? I know I answered out of order, sorry!