Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Corporate-Controlled Day of Affection?

...Or, you know, Valentine's Day!

And it looks suspiciously similar to the nails I did for Halloween.  Oops! But angular manicures are so easy to do--just use the sides of your brush to make the angles, and clean it up a little if you need to with a paintbrush dipped in isopropyl alcohol.  It's easy to do with your non-dominant hand, and it doesn't even matter if you're not perfect, because you can't tell from a foot away.

I had originally planned on doing a manicure like this on pinterest, but I only painted my nails on this manicure is going to last long after V-Day, and I'd rather not look too corny afterward!

I used two polishes for this -- NaiLuv's "First Crush" for the lighter pink, and OPI Gelcolor in "Casino Royale" for the darker tips.  

NaiLuv "First Crush" is a creamy light pink with blue undertones, and it takes three thin coats to reach full opacity--it's kind of a streaky color with anything less. I warmed my polishes up before using them--OPI Gelcolors in particular mix better and lay down better when they're warm, but I found that this polish actually went on better when it was cold!  It became less streaky once it cooled down. 

The OPI Gelcolor in "Casino Royale" worked ok, too. It's a blue toned berry creme  that pairs great with the Nailuv color!   It required two thin coats to become opaque.  The only downside to this polish is that it bleeds soooooo easily.  I even tried curing it for longer than the 30 seconds, and when I put the top coat on I STILL dragged the color onto the lighter pink area if I wasn't careful.  Next time, I will probably try curing it for a full minute, and/or I'll have to wipe away the tacky layer with its pigments before applying the top coat.  It didn't permanently stain my brush or the top coat or anything, but it was still kind of annoying.

Here's two more pictures for good measure--one inside with flash, the other inside with yellow light.


  1. I love holidays controlled by corporate overlords as well! I knew you were a kindred spirit! :) This mani is devastatingly sexy... the blush with the wine color really is a super contrast. I think the angled french keeps it edgy and fresh. Amazing work!

    1. Ha! "Corporate Overlords"--I like your wording better than mine.

      Thank you! I do like the color/style combination more than I thought I would.