Thursday, February 28, 2013

NaiLuv Haul from Hautelook!

So by now this is probably pretty much "old hat", but I still wanted to share the new NaiLuv gel polishes I got the last time they were on sale from Hautelook. 

Honestly, my haul was partially inspired by "Olivia's Blog", who posted a picture of the color "Hit the Jackpot" earlier.  Aaaand I've seen people painting their nails with sort of "opaque" glitter colors... or glitters so dense that they build up to opaque, and these colors looked like they would fit the bill. 

These colors aren't super complex (just three glitters and a creme shade), so I'll only post one simple swatch-like picture of each, and a video explaining them at the end.  But the pictures kind of speak for themselves, too!

Well, that's it for now... I'll have another post on my nails in this video soon, as well. :)


  1. Your gel collection is amazing! Loving all the variety you have added... I am on gel hiatus until the end of this month... :( too many lacquers, too little

    1. Oops, I feel so late in replying. :(

      I totally agree with the too many lacquers, too little time... I still have lots of colors I need to use and review! In that respect my gel collection is actually kind of embarrassing, not amazing!