Monday, March 4, 2013


I've never bought SensatioNail polishes before, for quite a few reasons.  But the one thing I never realized is that, apparently, they're sold at a lot of drugstores now.  And, apparently, they go on sale at said drugstores!  So when I saw these at Walgreens for buy one get one half off, I picked up two colors rather hastily.  They usually retail for $12.99 each, and they're a little bit smaller than even the Gelish Minis, so the price point and size usually didn't attract me.  Since they were on sale, though,  I was sold... unfortunately my Walgreens didn't have many color choices, so I decided on "Coral Sunset" and "Mi Amor". 

I've had these nails on for about a week already, and I'll refrain from posting my thoughts on the lasting power, because I want to do a more in-depth review a little later.  But here's some pictures and my thoughts on the color and initial application so far!  First is natural light, the second is inside with flash:

First, the color "Coral Sunset" -- It's a nice coral pink creme shade.  Almost salmon-like I guess? I love coral colors, but my NaiLuv shade "Love Power" is just a little too orange, and this one is a much pinker shade.  I used three coats just to avoid any sort of streakiness. 

Then there's "Mi Amor" -- I was shopping pretty fast, and although I was in the market for some coral shades for spring and summer, I didn't realize how close these two colors would be!  Literally, Mi Amor is the exact same base as Coral Sunset, albeit packed with a gold shimmer that lightens it just a tinge and makes it a bit more orange.  I usually love creme shades, but honestly I kind of love the shimmer in this polish.  It's a warm base with a warm shimmer, but as you can see in the first photo, it manages to pick up blue light and yellow light, so with the right lighting, it kind of looks almost fuschia/purple in the shade and still looks golden warm in the direct light.  Oh yeah, and it's shimmery to the point of being metallic--if you brush and cure too fast, you will end up with those tell-tale metallic brush strokes!  I personally don't mind that too much, though.  And I used two coats, since it's so shimmery it covers pretty well.

One more thing--for the accents I used the champagne gold glitters from  I'm still perfecting the application of these add-ons, so these only lasted about two days on my nails, for the most part.  

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