Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gelish, Sally Hansen & Nailuv Deals!

Sooo you're going to have to get off your backside for most of these deals, sorry!

First of all, Sally Beauty Supply has some of their Gelish colors on clearance.  At least the one I visited, select colors that were from the magneto collection and the breast cancer awareness collection were $4.95, selected colors from the holiday glitter collection were $7.95, and some of the colors from the fall runway inspired collection were $10.95.  They're all minis, of course, and the latter price ($10.95) is still a little too high, in my opinion, but I did pick up three colors from the cheaper sets!  There's also a year-long $5 off $25 coupon you can print out to help make your purchase a little cheaper.
(P.S.: Sally's is also selling a new gel polish by Finger Paints, if you're feeling a little adventurous.)

Second, I'm not sure why this deal isn't online, but in-store Ulta still has the new Sally Hansen gel polishes and strips on sale buy-one-get-one half off.  They may also still have some of their Supernail Progel shades on clearance for $6.95.  You can still get Progel online anytime for around the same price, but this way you wouldn't have to wait for them to arrive in your mailbox.   Ulta ALWAYS has two coupon codes going, too, if you sign up for their emails. Here's the $3.50 off $10 coupon that expires 3/30.

Lastly--you can sit back and relax for this one--on Wednesday the 27th, NaiLuv will be back on Hautelook.  This time they're featuring their "Bridal Collection".  Who knows what that means; it's probably not something I'll be interested in unless they throw in some semi-abnormal pastel shades or something!

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