Saturday, March 16, 2013

Random... My Spring Gel Polish Picks!

I just want to say, first of all... I hope this doesn't come across as bragging!  Or as too embarassing.  Because, well, I have a LOT of gel polishes stashed away, many of which I haven't even posted swatches of yet.

Buuut seasonal nail polish videos are one of the many types videos I like to watch on youtube to pass the time.  You know, where people pick out their favorite colors for the upcoming season?  I don't know how much of a "trend" it is (not much, I think--I didn't see many videos for this spring), and I think it started out more in the fall, or as part of another "seasonal tag" type of video. 

Well anyway, I thought I'd do a polish picks video for gel polishes, for the spring-time coming up (it was warm for two days, and I was encouraged!  Unfortunately it snowed again 2 days after the 50 degree weather...)

I picked a lot of pastels, some bold blues, and some more bright (but a bit more wearable, I guess) corals and pinks.  I also think metallics will continue to be popular for a while... heck, even the fall/winter 2013 designer runways are still using metallic ombres/tips/etc!  There are a lot of awesome new collections coming out from Gelish, OPI Gelcolor, etc, but as I tried to show in the video, a lot of similar colors already exist, and you may already own some of them.  "Shopping" through my collection for spring colors was actually kind of helpful--I'm not so hyped up on some of the new colors as I was before.  Unless it's green; I don't know why, but I always want more green gel polishes.

Anywho, for ease, here's a list of colors I picked out:

Progel - Sea of Capri
Gelish - A Runway for the Money
Gelish - Seafoam
NaiLuv - Boracay Beach
OPI Gelcolor - Princesses Rule!
NaiLuv - First Crush
Red Carpet Manicure - One of a Kind
OPI Gelshine - Iris I was Thinner
SensatioNail - Coral Sunset
SensatioNail - Mi Amor
NaiLuv - Love Power
NaiLuv - Going to the Mauve
Red Carpet Manicure - What a Surprise
Red Carpet Manicure - After Party Playful
NaiLuv - Merry Mermaid
OPI Gelshine - Havana Dreams
Red Carpet Manicure - Love Those Baby Blues
Red Carpet Manicure - Who Are You Wearing
NaiLuv - Hit the Jackpot
NaiLuv - Diamonds R 4ever
OPI Gelshine - Almost Famous
OPI Gelshine - I Only Shop Vintage

Of course, I have swatches of some of these colors on my blog, but if there's more that any passer-by would like to see swatched better, feel free to ask!


  1. Hi! I accidentally bought Shellac Cake Pop. I currently own a Sensationail LED lamp. Can I use that same lamp with Shellac UV colors? Thanks, btw I love your blog!

    1. Hello! Shellac is one of the brands I do not usually buy as they are supposed to be cured with UV lighting and not LED The unique thing about Shellac is that their colors all cure under different wavelengths of UV lighting, which is why you need a UV lamp instead. However, from experience with other UV gels, I think lighter colors and more sheer colors MAY cure with the wavelengths found in your LED lamp, but you should always test and make sure.

      So in short: I don't know, sorry! But you can always test out your polish on a plastic spoon or a lid from a bottle, and you can see if it will cure or not that way.