Monday, February 25, 2013

UPDATE on OPI Axxium Gels...

So I've written a few times before about using OPI Axxium gels. 

The first set of Axxium gels I ever bought was the Muppets' collection set.  They are all clear bases loaded with glitter.  I cured them using my general LED light from Nailuv that I cure everything with, and it worked just fine. I guess I must have lucked out on this...

So, thinking I had some new great options,  I bought some other colors of Axxium.  Today, I tried out "Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow" and "Lincoln Park After Dark".  Well, these formulas must be somewhat different, being that they are very dark, very saturated colors.  And, well, they did not cure with my LED lamp at all.  Bummer! 

I know CND's Shellac has colors that cure at different times and at different points within the UV spectrum of rays, but previously I had thought that OPI's products were more consistent in their curing.  I thought--well gee, if my Axxium glitter gels cure under the limited spectrum of UV that my LED lamp provides, than the other Axxium gels should cure under the same conditions.  WRONG!

OPI Axxium gels do not all cure under LED light, although I've had success with some previously. 

This is going to take some decision making... do I buy a cheap UV lamp to try out my Axxium with, or just let it go?  Luckily, I bought only a few colors second-hand for a great price.  Still, the OPI gelcolor equivalents of at least one of the colors I got ("Lincoln Park After Dark") reportedly has some streaking/shrinking issues as noted by other reviews online.  I was hoping that the Axxium versions would perform better.

Well, that's it for today... I have some pictures and video to gather for more posts soon, though!

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