Monday, February 17, 2014

Pink & Chocolate

This manicure was also a little Valentine's Day inspired, but since I was doing my nails a few days before the holiday, once again I didn't want to go too over the top.  And what's the best part about Valentine's Day?  Chocolate!

So I finally broke out one of the brown shades I've been wanting to wear all winter (to be honest, I've also been lusting after some of the browns OPI Gelcolor has released...but I'm trying to keep myself from buying them!)

So here we have Red Carpet Manicure "Toast of the Town".  My accent nail is Red Carpet Manicure "After Party Playful"....but I'm going to have to get to a review on that in another post, because it's definitely more complicated than it looks. 

Toast of the Town required three coats for opacity, although even at three coats it's kind of weird... the free edges of my nail still show a lot of light through the back, although you can't see any visible nail line or anything.  The color itself is a nice milk-chocolatey brown metallic.  Here's where the color gets just a teeeensy bit tricky, though.  In my flash picture and in the macro photos I tried to capture, the metallic sheen looks mostly bronze-gold.  However, in everyday life, the predominant sheen on this metallic is silver with some glints of bronze-gold, much like the natural light photo. This kind of disappointed me, because I felt like the silver reflection made the color look a little basic, and I was hoping for some more unique gold shimmer.  But just like a lot of the metallic golds I seem to review, this color also has some orange and light green reflects in it, which you can see best in this slightly blurry photo I managed to capture:  

As for application, despite being kind of thin it applied just fine.  Since it is a metallic, it may apply a teensy bit streaky depending on your application.  You can see a thin streak or two in my macro shot, but unless you regularly have people inspecting your nails from a mere two inches away or less, no one else will notice at all! 

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