Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winter Blues

This winter is enough to make anyone blue, at least around here.  We've had now two spells of negative-degree-Fahrenheit weather lasting multiple days (I know that's usual for people in, say, Alaska and Minnesota--but not around here!), and between all that it seems like the sun hasn't been shining much lately at all.  I count myself fortunate that my family is all warm and safe, with no accidents, burst water pipes, etc; but all that means my hands have been extra-extra dry, and it's been really hard to find sunlight to get some pictures this past month. 

Ok, all that rambling aside--the cool weather had me itching for some blue polish, so I finally decided to put on an awesome blue that came out with the Euro Centrale collection about a year ago.

OPI Gelcolor "OPI... Eurso Euro" is an awesome blue creme shade, somewhere between a cobalt blue and a navy.  The second photo with flash shows its true brightness, but it is a little deceiving: while it's a simple creme gel polish, it has a lot of "depth" to it, and it transforms from a bright blue to a navy depending on your lighting.  The first photo, with natural light, shows this pretty well, even though the sun was setting as I took it!

I was honestly hoping for a truer, brighter cobalt blue to cheer me up this past week, but this is still a beautiful color. :)

As for the coverage, I only needed two coats for full opacity!   I love when colors are that easy.

But as for removal... well, here I have a problem.  This is the only gel polish I've worn so far with a pigment that has stained my nails.  Yes, I always use a base coat to start out with to avoid staining--but during the removal process, some of the pigment separated from the hardened gel and stained my nails, leaving translucent streaks of a magenta-blue color.


  1. Oh no - it's a stainer!!!! This one has been on and off my wish list so many times..... Stunning blue though.

  2. It is very pretty, though! If you don't like sheer/french manicures or wearing your nails "naked", the staining might not be too much of a problem for you. I think it does wear away with time and repeated soakings.