Monday, March 10, 2014

Gellaka Gel Polish from Hautelook

Hello again!

One of my favorite places to look for gel polishes online is "flash sale" sites like or  Although sites like these don't sell the most renowned brands like Gelish or OPI Gelcolor, I know that the site is reputable...versus trying to buy from Ebay, where I may take a gamble with the seller.

These sites don't have gel polishes on their flash sales a lot--and they don't always have them for prices that are any better than Gelish or OPI Gelcolor prices on Ebay--but sometimes they do have good deals.  And sometimes it's fun to take advantage of these deals to take the plunge and try out a new brand of gels!   After all, my first trip into the world of gel polishes was after I bought my LED light and some gels when  Hautelook had a NaiLuv sale nearly two years ago. 

Last month, I noticed a new brand on Hautelook called "Gellaka", a brand made by a company called "GlamourNails".  At a price point of $7.00 (plus Hautelook's $5 flat rate shipping for everything) for 8mL sized gel polish bottles, I thought this sale looked pretty intriguing.  The final thing that pulled me in, though, was Gellaka's unique selection of shades.  Normally, new gel brands stick to "safe" colors that they know will sell--pinks, reds, a purple here or there, French manicure shades, and maybe a black and grey.  Gellaka, on the other hand, had some more interesting colors on Hautelook, including a pastel yellow and one of the brightest, truest greens I've seen in gel polish.  So I had to buy!

And of course, since I had to buy, I decided to do a haul including some first impressions of this brand:

In just a little bit, I'll have a better review on this brand of gel polish. :)  (Next, though, will be a post on those gorgeous "flaky" gel polishes you might have caught a glimpse of on my nails in this video!)


  1. Hello, any further review on this gel polish? Thanks!!

    1. Hello! So far I have used two of the colors I bought, and I have swatches and information on them under the tag for Gellaka: My first experience was so-so, but my second wear was pretty awesome. :)

      Thank you for asking!