Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gellaka Gel Polish in "New York, NY"

I know I'm late with my St. Patrick's Day manicure, but I'm doing some intense studying--and at the moment typing isn't high on my list of things I can do.  BUT I finally wore one of the Gellaka gel polishes that I ordered from Hautelook a little while ago, and I wanted to give you my thoughts!

The color itself is amazing.  Gellaka "New York, NY" is the perfect emerald green jelly creme polish with very slight blue undertones--the first photo is most true to life here! It is opaque in three coats, although for some reason the bright lights and macro setting in my photos pick up some transparency you can't see in real life.  The pigmentation is very saturated and even, though, so this gel would look great with even one coat or as a "jelly sandwich" layered with some sparkles. 

Of course, for the holiday I paired  this color with some gold 1.5mm hex glitters from the Born Pretty Store.  Unfortunately, I'm still working on finding the best way to adhere these metallic bits a year later! 

Anyway, back to Gellaka--formula wise, this gel polish is pretty thin in consistency.  It didn't shift or shrink on my nails, but if you look towards my cuticles the edges look a little jagged, because I felt like this gel just didn't go where I wanted it to!  This thinness became more of a problem as my nails started growing out; my nails kept bending because I didn't have that extra teensy bit of thickness most gels give my nails, and the gel even cracked in some spots where they bent.  Although the gel polish didn't shrink back from the free edges of my nails,  I feel like it just didn't want to "lay down" over the free edges, either, leading to an increase in tip wear--enough that I had to remove this manicure after day 7

...Now let me mention the removal, because this gel polish acted rather strange here, too!  After being soaked in acetone, most gel seems to break up and remove itself in little "sheets".  But this Gellaka gel broke down mostly into tiny millimeter sized pieces, and it almost seemed as if each layer of the gel wanted to break down and remove itself separately from each subsequent layer.  Since most of the pieces of gel were so little, it was hard to remove them all from my nail bed--leaving lots of little green dots stuck on my nails.  I get the feeling I would have had to soak my nails twice to get a good removal, but I didn't have time for that!

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