Monday, December 9, 2013

RCM "Put Some Bling On It" & NaiLuv "Rum Cola"

I don't have too many pictures to bombard you with this time, but I wanted to share one of the new holiday Red Carpet Manicure colors that came out recently (I picked mine up late in the day on Black Friday).  It's a whole collection of silver and gold gel polishes, with glitters and metallics! I can barely ever pass up glitter gel polishes at the right price, so three of the gels came home with me that day.  And one went on my nails shortly thereafter!

Of course, also in this post is NaiLuv's "Rum Cola", which I picked out because it reminded me of the dirty slush on the roads and the ugly skies after the recent snowstorm we had.  I'm so poetic, I know, I know.  It's definitely winter now, but I wasn't quite ready to break out the jewel toned holiday colors yet. 

Red Carpet Manicure "Put Some Bling On It" is a simple silver glitter in a clear base.  What makes it unique from other gel polishes is that it has four different sizes of glitters--three hexagonal sizes and one teensy size that is more irregular shaped.  I couldn't pass this up because it reminds me insanely of Essie's "Set in Stones"; however, it is more like Essie "Set in Stones"'s wimpy cousin!  Here is one coat of Essie's "Set in Stones" as seen on another blogger, PolishAholic.  In contrast, the RCM gel, which I also used one coat of, is a little more sparse--there are less large and medium sized glitters to bulk it out.  But it still provides a nice extra element of sparkle to your nails, and looks a little bit like a mini snowstorm on them! In the close up it looks a little like one of the largest glitters is about to lift off my nails, but I'm happy to report that the glitters stay firmly secured in this gel--unlike some other glitters I've encountered, where the larger glitter can lift off the nail after a few days.

Nailuv "Rum Cola" is a simple "greige" - a grey creme color with slight brown undertones.  Sometimes NaiLuv's names confuse me, because I don't really see "cola" in this at all!  But regardless, it's a great neutral color that covers perfectly in 2 coats, making it one more great NaiLuv shade.   It does have slight brown undertones, but when light floods onto it, it looks more like a true grey--pairing it with a silver added to this effect, too. 


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  2. I really like the look of that glitter! Looks like a fab topper for all colours including finer silver glitters. Fabulous!!!!

    Thanks for following my blog by the way. You may remember helping me out many months ago when I was looking to hase OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby ;)

    1. I remember! :) I'm bad at consistently keeping up with blogs and such every day, but I always see your posts on Purseforum if I miss out on them on your blog. And you do some awesome swatch photos, that's why I follow you!