Friday, December 20, 2013

Glitter + Glitter (Or: NaiLuv + Red Carpet Manicure...again!)

I feel kind of repetitive today...for this manicure, I used the same two brands I used for my last nails.  But I REALLY love these new sparkle gel polishes that Red Carpet Manicure put out this season, and I was finally ready to break out the festive nails, sooo...

This is NaiLuv's "Super Freaky" with Red Carpet Manicure's "Adorn Me" on top.  Once again, I wasn't really able to get nice sunny pictures, but with glitter polishes I notice that's not too important--the color of the glitter transforms just as well with angle the glitter hits the light at as with the type of light. 

First of all, I used three coats of Nailuv "Super Freaky" for a solid wall of cherry red glitter on my nails--this is the color on my middle nail, by the way, where I refrained from using the gold glitter topper so I could try to get some swatch pictures.   When I first got this shade and posted a "haul" of it early this year, I thought it looked like a red glitter in a red tinted jelly base--boy, was I wrong.  It's actually just a ton of tiny red glitters in a clear base--and it's so jam packed with glitter that it looks opaque on your nails in 3 coats.  It's a super fun shade; although it's not pair of colors that screams "CHRISTMAS!", it's surprising how just some red glitter can make everyone comment on your festive nails.  One down side, though: because of all its glitter, this gel may feel a little thick or a little more uneven on the surface than your usual gel polish.  In particular, I had a rough spot or two when I capped the edges of my nails--but that wore itself down in a day or two. 

Even though it's not a "jelly" shade, you can layer glitter between it for a neat effect similar to jelly polishes.  For example, on my thumbs I put a layer of Red Carpet Manicure "Adorn Me" underneath the third layer of "Super Freaky"--I still got a little of the gold and holographic reflectiveness of the "Adorn Me" shade, but the perceived "texture" of the surface of my nails looks quite different than just layering the polish on top:

This would be much more fun with some larger sized glitters, too!

Over the other three nails, I applied one coat of Red Carpet Manicure "Adorn Me", which is basically a dupe for Gelish's "Twinkle".  Overall, I found this glitter a much better performer than the last glitter shade I used--it applied much more evenly over the nail with one coat.  That may be due to the fact that it's a much simpler glitter gel, though.  There are just three types of glitter I can discern: there are teensy tiny yellow gold flecks of glitter, and slightly larger hexagonal yellow-gold glitters, some of which are also holographic--all suspended in a clear gel base.   Since my nails are red, the base color kind of appropriated all the warm-toned holographic reflects.  So although sometimes I could catch an orange-ish reflection, most of my photos show the holographic glitters reflecting a blue/purple shade.

I did really bad at getting some bottle pictures this week, so these are the few shots I could get of the RCM shade. Luckily I got a pretty aaaah-mazing macro shot of this glitter--just look at the right side of the picture with the green background above! :)


  1. Oooh, Adorn me looks very pretty. Is it really as holographic as it looks on the bottle label?

    1. Definitely not! The polish is pretty, and the bottle is pretty...but the bottles for most of these RCM glitters do not match their actual contents. I'd say about 25% of the glitters are actually holographic--the others are just plain gold.