Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sephora by OPI Gelshine

Hello again!  Happy December!  Now that the days are getting MUCH colder, at least in the northern US, I wanted to start my post off with a reminder/tip:

When the weather gets cold, make sure your gel polishes are at room temperature (or warmer!) when you apply them.  Gels may thicken up and become harder to apply in the cold! 

I tend to keep my polishes boxed up below a window sill, and while this means that they stay out of sunlight, they certainly don't escape the cold drafts, and tend to be colder than anything else in the room.  I forgot about this when I applied this manicure, and as a result my lasting power was awful--the gel thickened due to the temperature, which made the polish shrink back on my nails and feel goo-y instead of laying out smoothly.  Worst of all, I only lasted about 3 days before I had gel lifting off my nails.  Fail!

This color is Sephora by OPI  "I Only Shop Vintage". There are a few unique Sephora-only gels in their collection, and this is one of them.  It's  got a brassy yellow-brown base overflowing with warm yellow-gold flecks of glitter.  If you've seen "Golden Eye" by OPI, this polish has flecks exactly like that--it has irregular shaped yellow-gold glitters that reflect yellow, orange, and light green in the light--but this was hard to capture in photographs.  It creates a unique polish that can look more brown, yellow or tan depending on the light.  It kind of reminds me of gold polymer clay, or gold-colored plastic you might find on a toy--actually, I just found out that this color would make a great "dupe" for the plastic used in the original Pokemon Gold Gameboy cartridge!  Not always something you would want on your nails...but it's an interesting shade.  Anyway, I used three coats for strength, but you may only need two if you apply under better conditions than I did. 

Sadly, this was the first time  I tried out a Sephora by OPI Gelshine gel polish, and since my application wasn't ideal, I feel like I'm unable to review the formula itself.

OK, finally there are pictures!

Here's my attempted closeup--you can kind of see some flecks of green and orange in the middle of my nail on the top left side, right?  The color shifts were hard to capture on camera!  You can also see the horrible shrinking that was a result of my bad application.

Next time I'll have better pictures, I promise!  Stay tuned!

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