Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tutorial: Holiday-ish Mani That You Can Wear into the New Year

Hello again!  I'll have better pictures of the look for this tutorial a bit later, but I wanted to post it while there's still a few days before Christmas--it's Christmas tree inspired, after all, but not your usual flashy holiday nails.  I wanted something I could wear into the New Year.

I just want to add that it was nice to take the time to do my nails today, too.  Everyone has been out shopping this last weekend, and rushing to get presents sent or wrapped or what-have-you.  It was a nice way to take some time for myself, and not in a way that involved spending money while I should be spending money on others. :)

The colors I used for this tutorial are Red Carpet Manicure's "So Icy" and "Behind the Scenes".  The green looks almost black in the video, unfortunately, but you still can see everything that's going on--and there will be pictures soon.

Once again,  I mainly wanted to show that you can do almost anything you can do with regular polish with gel polishes, too.  Sometimes it's even easier than with regular polish!  So this is just a simple holiday take on a tape-guided manicure, but it would work just as well any time of the year, with any color combo you choose.   You could also spruce it up more for Christmas with some red stripes for garland or some more glitter ornaments--take some time for yourself and have some fun!

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