Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The weather has been awful lately--Sandy gave my town a week of clouds and rain (but luckily no damage, no power outages, and no roller coasters in the ocean like it did at my childhood vacation spot at the Shore).  I've made a few purchases and have a new shade of green on my nails, but no pictures due to the lovely weather. 

I do come bearing DEALS!, however.  I figured it would be a great idea to keep track of some awesome deals you can get on gel polishes on my blog.  Gel polishes can be quite the investment, so any deal is a great help! And there are two running at the moment...

One is the 20% off friends and family sale at running until 11/09/2012 (let's hope that link works!)  They sell Orly SmartGels, as well as some other brand called "Gel Haute Polish".  I know I will probably be picking up Orly's famous "rage" and a shade or two more, but I'm on the fence about this other brand--their polish bottles seem to be translucent and not black or white like gels usually come in (since gels cannot be exposed to any UV light until you're curing them, after all).

Two is the Sephora friends and family sale via Musing's of a Muse's blog.  This one runs 11/08 to 11/12 2012, and the percentage off you get may vary depending on your type of account with Sephora (I've not bought very much at Sephora in the past few years, so I'm not sure what type of discount I might get!)  Sephora sells their branded OPI gels... at $17.50 for two-thirds the size of a regular OPI or Gelish bottle, I don't find this a very economical purchase.  I'd only buy them when Sephora is running their rare sales! But they have a few shades in their small collection which are pretty unique, such as the once-insanely-popular "Metro Chic" and a nice Lamé looking color called "I Only Shop Vintage".

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