Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nailuv Deals!

Nailuv is back on Hautelook!

This is probably my favorite deal of all so far...why?  Because it involves LARGE sized gel polishes, for HALF OFF.  That makes them cheaper than an OPI from the drugstore!

I wish I had more money to spend at the moment (the holidays are coming... eek!), but I couldn't resist buying a few colors.  I'm not sure I like the selection as much this time--they must have pulled a more wintry selection, because last time I remember there being a lot more blues and brights and such. 

But let me reiterate: these are "regular sized" nail polishes!  I'm kind of saddened that all the colors I've been picking up lately come in tiny bottles, even though I know that's not as important with gels, because you use less and they last longer.  But Nailuv sells their polishes in 15ml or 0.5 ounce bottles.... that's the same size as most regular nail polishes from the store, and the same size as a regular Gelish or OPI Gelcolor.  And they're only $7.50 on Hautelook right now!

Oh PS: The sale only lasts until Friday--it's pretty short, as with most Hautelook deals.

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