Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hautelook "Open Box" Haul featuring Nailuv!

Hello again!  So the first time I ordered a soak off gel LED light and polishes from Hautelook in October, I was so impressed that I started hoarding gel polish colors and creating this blog...

Well, Hautelook recently had another NaiLuv event, so of course I had to buy some more.  This is one of the best gel polish deals I've seen yet on the 'net, unless maybe you lurk on Ebay for hours and hours.  They're full sized gel polish bottles for $7.50 each.  Many polish brands--Sensationail, Red Carpet Manicure (RCM), Sally Beauty's version of Gelish bottles, Orly SmartGels, Sephora OPI Gelshine colors....etc!.... all come in bottles that are slightly less than a third of an ounce or so.  These bottles are half an ounce.  So they are cheaper, and also bigger!

I'll try not to type up much more, since I made a video of my box:

But I figured, if you don't want to watch a haul and just came for the swatches, I'd post those individually on my blog, too!

The color I am most perplexed by is "Bullet Proof".  It isn't really green like the heart on the bottle suggests, or like the swatches/descriptions online suggest.  It is more of a steely grey metallic that has a multidimensional shimmer... with the shimmer reflecting more silver and green than any other color.  So I guess there's hints of green, if I look hard enough.

"Going to the Mauve" and "Rum Cola" are both a bit lighter and more grey toned than their swatches online would suggest, but that's fine.  "First Crush" and "Merry Mermaid", however, are just beautiful, although I'm afraid Merry Mermaid's subtle shimmer will get lost under the high shine coat of the gels (it doesn't even show up in photos!).  I'm sure it will still be something for me to stare at up close for hours for the weeks it's on my nails.

I haven't worn any of these yet, so we'll see how they apply a little later on! I think I'm going to wait and do a wintry blue manicure, first, though.


  1. Great colors, can't wait to see the swatches! It's great to see someone else talking about gel- I adore it!

  2. Great colors! I love Rum Cola and Merry Mermaid- can't wait to see them swatched. Nice job representing the "gel lovers" out there. Can't wait to see more...

    1. Thanks!

      The only problem with gel polishes is that they take about two weeks to go through swatches! I'm a little too hesitant to do multiple swatches in one day considering how intense the removal process is compared to regular polish.

  3. Love Merry Mermaid!
    Its a gorgeous color!

    1. It is! I've looked for swatches on Nailuv's facebook and pinterest, and the only ones I found seemed to vary in color quite a bit, so I wasn't sure what to expect... I was happily surprised with this color!