Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Tutorial! Glitter Ombre-ish Nails.

Hey again! I think I said in the last post that I used two of my OPI Gelcolors (The Spy Who Loved Me and GoldenEye) for the first time already, and this is what I concocted with them!

It's a neat glittering look that shifts around on your nails quite a bit... sometimes it looks like this, but when your fingers are moving fast it just looks like your tips are dipped in glittering gold...

And at other angles the glitter is so subtle your nails almost look purely one color...

It's an easy DIY idea, and it reminds me of a messier ombre look, so I'm calling it "faux ombre", haha.  It also reminds me a bit of the "rockstar nails" trend, too, thanks to how in-your-face the glitter in OPI's "GoldenEye" is.

The best part is that it's done with only a liner brush, and no mess making!  The finished product isn't as smooth and polished as a traditional ombre look, however. 

It's a little too reminiscent of "The Holidays" for me, and a little bit early for my liking, too (I painted my nails before Thanksgiving, after all--today it's a bit more fitting).  But I just told myself that it was more like a fiery manicure than a "The Holidays" manicure, and wore it just the same!

I also filmed myself painting my nails in the middle of the night, to make a video tutorial for this:

Oh, and since all my photos are taken inside, I thought I should add a natural light photo just for swatching purposes, although the bright sunlight kind of washes out the glitter, and my camera makes the red drown out anything the sun might have missed!

I'll try to do a better review of the colors a little later... I didn't want to make this post too long!

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