Monday, November 19, 2012

OPI Gelcolor Skyfall Collection Take Two... Swatches!

Hello again! It's a few days later, but I finally sorted through all the pictures I took of the OPI Gelcolor Skyfall colors (did I say that right? man, that's a mouthful).  It was hard to find the clearest pictures, since a lot of these colors have complex glitters... but I tried!

I don't have any polishes from the regular Skyfall line to compare to myself, but there are a few comprehensive blog posts from more well known bloggers that show the colors quite well, in my opinion. I feel that most of the gel polishes are very much the same as the original nail polishes, but you can also do your own comparisons by eye by visiting these few blogs that I found particularly helpful:

Lucy's Stash "OPI Skyfall Collection: Part 1"
Lucy's Stash "OPI Skyfall Collection: Part 2"
The PolishAholic  "OPI Holiday 2012 Skyfall Collection Swatches"

Now, let's start with PICS!  I painted two coats for every swatch I did in these pictures.  And please remember, you can click through the pictures to Pinterest to make them bigger and get a little more detail.

Outdoor lighting, towards evening:

Indoor Lighting Without Flash:

Indoor Lighting With Flash:

Indoor Lighting With Flash:

And the color reviews... so far, I have just painted swatches with most of these polishes, so I'll have more in depth reviews in the future as I put them on my nails.  Well start left-to-right, with...

  1. Goldeneye -  It's a very thick warm yellow gold glitter in a clear base, with a few hints of orange-ish flecks in bright light.  The glitter isn't a uniform hexagonal shape, but more tiny random flecks, kind of like mica.  You can make this nearly opaque in two or three coats, and it's so dense that it could be used with a thin brush for nail art decorations as well.   This polish has a higher density to it because of all the glitter packed into it. 
  2. The Spy Who Loved me - This was particularly hard to capture in pictures.  I have painted my nails with it, and it's a great color that is jelly-like with one coat, and opaque with a second slightly thicker coat.  Because of the ever so slightly transparent jelly quality, the gold irregular shaped micro glitter that it's speckled looks like it's floating between layers.  It becomes a very multi-dimensional color with glitter that is both subdued and in-your-face, depending on the layer it's situated in.  It is, however, sometimes hard to see the glitter because of the high-shine coating that comes with gel polishes--All the shininess is blinding!  It was particularly hard to capture in photos, but I tried with a close up.  Here you make out some speckles of uneven color, that in real life make up the layered sparkles:

  3. Skyfall -  A great brown-toned red color, which I don't see often with gel polishes.  I wish this were a little darker, a little more like my defintion of "oxblood", but it's an amazing creme shade. 
  4. Casino Royale - Let's see if I can find the right artsy technical term to describe this color; this and Skyfall both have a similar "shade", but with different "hues".  What I mean is that they both carry the same amount of black and white to tone down the pure color or hue-- and while Skyfall is a brown-red, Casino Royale is a awesome berry plum color.  In the first two pictures the lighting makes them look kind of similar because of this shade similarity, but in real life you can definitely tell the two apart. 
  5. Tomorrow Never Dies - This is the only color in the collection that I felt did not live up to the regular polish formula.  The swatches of this on other blogs looks amazing--a purple, highly metallic color with blue undertones.  The gel polish has more of a scattered shimmer that comes off as much more dull.  It's a great color, but I was expecting something different.  I don't usually like all the highly metallic blue/purple/teal colors, and I thought I had finally found one I liked in gel form... only to be disappointed when the color came in my mail.  This gel polish also shrinks back from the edges of your nails, as you can kind of see in the swatch, and looks a little bit patchy in real life--you might need three coats to fill this color out.
  6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Oh man, wasn't sure this would live up to the regular polish swatches I had seen, but I was awesomely surprised.  It's a lot like Goldeneye with the density of the irregular shaped micro sparkle, but it carries a lot more colors in its shine.  It has a slightly grey-blue sheer base, as well.  And the sparkles... the sparkles!  They come off mostly as a metallic grey-blue silver, but they also shine green and yellow and sometimes orange in the right light.  This kind of makes the polish sound like it's holographic, but it isn't... it's just that complex.  I think this is the most awesome gel polish I own.
And once again... if that was too much reading for you, have a video!  I actually like the video I made for this collection slightly better than my photos... it was a little easier to capture the sparkle and shine. :)

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