Saturday, July 12, 2014

Red Carpet Manicure "Peach Chiffon" - Fade Alert!

Hi again!  I said I would do a review on a Red Carpet Manicure shade from the summer "Sweet Indulgence" collection this week, and I'm a little late getting it up.  School work is getting really intense... but it's almost over! Luckily, I found some time to do some really simple but fun designs with this manicure.

I'll start with the gel polish from the permanent line in this design, because this review's simpler:  Red Carpet Manicure "Who Are You Wearing" is a mid-tone teal creme color.  I thought this might be a dupe for Gelish "Sugar Daddy", but it has more dirty grey tones than "Sugar Daddy" does.  It's actually a really, really close dupe for OPI Gelcolor "Suzi Says Feng Shui", which I reviewed last summer (oddly enough, in a manicure design that was a little bit  similar, too!)  If anything, the OPI Gelcolor is a tad more grey toned than this, but it's hard to tell the difference.  Anyway, the formula for this was a little thin and sheer, but I got to full opacity in three coatsIt did shrink away from the free edges of my nails a bit--which you can see on my thumb--but with careful application this wasn't a major issue for me.

Red Carpet Manicure "Peach Chiffon" is the new color out for this summer, in the "Sweet Indulgence" collection.  This color is gorgeous initially--it's a very pastel pinky-peach creme color, and it fits in well with the whitened-out bolds and neons that are very popular this season.  However, this color was a bust for a few reasons.  First is application: it took three coats to reach opacity, but not because it was thin and sheer.  Quite the opposite!  It was a very thick gel that applied streaky, almost like a regular polish--it's almost like it became streakier the more I tried to even out a coat.  It didn't shrink away from the edges of my nails, but it didn't always want to lay smoothly on the free edges either.  My second problem with this is the color: since it's so pale, it doesn't always come across well in different lighting.  In some lights the yellow comes out more, and in other lights the amount of white in it floods out the other colors.  I attempted to take pictures in bright sunlight and the LED flash of my camera, and this is what came out:


My third problem with this is the wear: don't get me wrong, it wore fine for almost two weeks.  But "Peach Chiffon" faded horribly!  It changed from a peach color with slight pink undertones to a yellow pastel.  Luckily, it also faded evenly, so the resulting color wasn't horrible looking.  But since I did "nail art" that involved putting three more coats of gel on top of my initial coats of "Peach Chiffon", it faded even faster--yes, it faded a little just with the small amount of repeat exposure to my LED lamp. Here's a comparison of a newly painted nail with my week + old nails, with flash and in indirect sunlight::

I loved this initial color, but I don't love the fading and the application--so "Peach Chiffon" might be one more color I return to the store.

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