Monday, July 28, 2014

#ManiMonday on Hautelook Again--Orly SmartGELS!

Hello again!  This week's "#ManiMonday" on Hautelook features another gel polish brand - Orly "SmartGELS"! From now until Thursday 7/31, Orly SmartGELS are $7.00 to $7.50 on Hautelook.

I've worn only a few colors from the Orly SmartGELS line before--the first time I wasn't so impressed, but I LOVED the summery florescent quality of "Oh Cabana Boy", so I thought I'd share the sale that's going on now--especially since they have a ton of new (summer-perfect) shades included in the sale.

And you know what else is even cooler?  They also have the "Shade Shifter" included in the sale! Don't know what I'm talking about?  Well, the "Shade Shifter" coat basically transforms any gel polish manicure into a "mood polish"--you apply it on top of any color you'd like, and it will change from black to transparent depending on the temperature! Check this out!

The one downside with this sale is that it is the consumer based version of Orly GelFX that you see in the video, so the bottles are a much smaller 0.18 fl. oz size.   But if you'd like to try out some neat shades--especially "Shade Shifter"--this might be the time to jump in!


  1. Gee, that is a tiny bottle of gel polish! Haute Look is known for having great deals on cosmetics, but I'm not sure about this one. I love Orly's regular nail polishes, and their "Bonder" basecoat, but I have no desire to try any of their gel polish lines. Ounce for ounce, they're the most expensive on the market, and the only positive is their "Shade Shifter", which of course, is very tempting--I love color changing polishes. Even on Haute Look, those little bottles hold awfully expensive gel. Thanks for the heads-up, but this one's not for me.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean! There are one or two other brands on Hautelook that I won't buy just because the polish bottles are soooo tiny and they have no other sizes available. Luckily Orly also makes the GelFX line in full-size bottles (I'm pretty sure they're the same polishes, the difference is just the market they're geared towards). I bought some SmartGels originally to try out Orly's brand, and now that I know I like it I have some other full size colors that I know I will get more use out of on my wishlist.

      Thanks for commenting! :)