Monday, August 4, 2014

#ManiMonday on Hautelook - With Gellaka This Time!

I know, I know; I haven't posted since Hautelook's last gel polish "#ManiMonday" sale--which was just last week!   The fact that I've been seeing more gel polishes on Hautelook's weekly nail polish sales is making me happy.

From today (08/04) until Thursday (08/07), Gellaka gel polish is on sale for $7.00 per 8mL bottle on  They also have sets/collections available that allows you to save a little more money, too.

I've bought Gellaka gel polish from Hautelook before, and I've worn two of the shades I bought so far--which you can see reviews of in my tag for Gellaka if you'd like. I thought the formula for this gel was a bit thin, but I LOVE the range of colors they have!

Sorry for the absence, as well. I was actually on vacation last week, and I had pictures ready to post, but I ended up not sitting down at a computer for more than 10 minutes the whole time! And taking more pictures wasn't really on my agenda, although I managed to snap a few while we went down to "the shore" at Island Beach State Park:

Maybe that's boring to some of you, but water always has an insta-calming effect for me. :)

I'll be back to posting gel polish very soon!

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