Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fall-Ready with OPI Gelcolor "Casino Royale"

After all these bright colors recently, I was feeling ready for the I pulled out this color from OPI's Skyfall collection in winter 2012.  It's no "Radiant Orchid", but I feel like it's a warmer and darker take on the color that keeps it a little more in line with the fall season. 

I included two sunlight shots this time because they show  the brightness and depths this color goes to--the second shot in particular is a bit more angled away from the sunlight.

And the usual indoor flash shot!

OPI Gelcolor "Casino Royale" is a deep, jewel-toned red-violet creme shade I used it as an accent color a while ago, where I described it as more blue-toned--and that's true, if you consider it next to a red shade.  But if you compare it to a purple, it's definitely more in the realm of the red-tones!  So I guess "red-violet" really is the best way to describe it--although part of me wants to describe it as "dark fuchsia", or maybe simply "berry"?  It's hard to pinpoint this color!  Overall, though, it is a really rich color with a lot of depth, sometimes almost mimicking a wine shade when the lighting is dim.  Hence my two sunlight photos--so you could kind of see the highlights and the shades this color takes on depending on how the light hits it!

Anyway, I used two coats for this gel polish--yes, only two! It was insanely pigmented, which could also be seen as a detriment, because it stained my top coat brush like crazy.   It also shrank a little bit, maybe because of all the pigment.  Although that didn't decrease wear time, it was visible at some points, which may be seen on my pointer in the last picture.  The formula also slipped around on my nail beds a little more, leading to the uneven cuticle area you can see in the pictures.  Yeah, I still need to work on that! 

Overall though, it's a beautiful color--you just have to keep in mind those tricks for working with gel polishes that have a tendency to shrink or "move" on the nail bed. :)

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