Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NaiLuv Color Block with "Acid Rain" and "Sexy Sabotage"

Hello again world! I  have been really bad at updating this month so far.  Although I haven't stopped painting my nails, I've been pretty busy trying to do lots of things in the 3 weeks that I don't have classes--funny, you think now would be when I have the most free time!  These nails I actually wore a little while ago on vacation, and I had a hard time getting pictures of my nails because of that, so I apologize beforehand.

Anyway, this time I have NaiLuv "Acid Rain" on the base of my nails and NaiLuv "Sexy Sabotage" on the top half of my nails:

I'll start out with NaiLuv "Acid Rain": this is one of their new colors out for the summer in their "Rebel Without a Cause" collection, and I actually won this color free because I helped name it on Facebook! It's a neon/florescent lime green translucent shade filled with clear iridescent glitter.  The glitter looks kind of like hexagons, but is actually very tiny irregular flecks, and the iridescent quality of the glitter reflects mostly silver, yellow-green and sometimes orange.  The florescent green is shade is pretty neat, too--once again it reminds me of toys as a kid--because the green translucent base appears more yellow in some lights and almost glows lime green in others, especially in sunlight.  I used one thick coat for my nails, because I found this formula a little hard to work with.  It's a very thick formula to begin with--it applies kind of like a thicker gel that you would buy in a pot versus in a bottle.  Since it is in a bottle, though, a lot of it gets on the brush at once!  It was hard to find a good medium between too much gel on the brush and accidentally wiping off too much gel before applying (and taking the glitter along with it).  Just because it's thick, though, doesn't mean that it won't sneak into the side walls of your nails if you're too heavy handed, so that was something else I had to watch out for, too.

See how it glows?

It can also "glow" more yellow-green--and maybe you can see the glitter flecks!

NaiLuv "Sexy Sabotage", on the other hand, was much better to work with!  It's a light spring yellow-green creme shade, almost like it has equal parts yellow, green, and white mixed in with it--in certain lights a lime green color comes out more, and in others the yellow overpowers the green slightly.  It looks quite different with the different lighting conditions I took pictures in, and I didn't even color edit anything at all! I used three coats as usual, but you could easily get away with two coats--which I found to be a little pleasant surprise for such a light, almost pastel color.

I quite like the nail design I did with these two shades, too--all I did for this "look" was concentrate the sheer shade on the base of my nails, and perfect the line with my opaque shade using the long side of my brush.  It was pretty easy, and while my lines aren't perfect, I think it looks a lot more unique than a  French manicure!

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