Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Gel Polish Picks!

Hello! I  know summer technically started last month, but I wasn't happy the first time I recorded this video, so I'm a little late to the game.   I mostly wanted to share with you, though, the fact that some of this season's coolest colors are already in gel polish form--and many of them aren't even from brand new collections of gel polish!

The bright summer time colors this year have a lot of creamy white bases--some are almost pastel--not to mention neons and bright, summery jewel tones aren't so hard to find anymore, either. Well, hopefully you'll watch and see what I mean. :)

I had some issues with this video again--although I recorded it twice--I've got to remember to stabilize myself a bit more to keep everything in focus!  I tend to move back and forth within the field of vision, and my camera doesn't quite like that. 

Oh yeah, my nails in this video are Red Carpet Manicure "Mimosas by the Pool".  It's pretty awesome, and I'll be reviewing that next!

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