Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Red Silver & Blue (and Pink, too!)

If you live in the USA, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you probably know that Independence Day is coming up on the 4th...although, you know, technically the 13 states were legally separated from Britain on the 2nd. 

Ok, I'll be honest: I actually didn't have any of that in mind when I put on this gel polish, but it did remind me!  This is a perfect color for this time of the year; it's just a little bit patriotic, but not enough that you could only wear it on a national holiday.  It also reminds me a bit of fireworks and playing with glitter-filled bouncy balls in the summer time as a kid.

See what I mean? Really, though, what I did have in mind this week was the number of tests I had coming up, and lab papers I had due for my summer class, and all the shift changes I was going to be doing at work, and the fact that I need new brakes, and blah blah blah.  In short, I had a lot to do.  And the Fuse gelnamel (an offset of Sensationail) markets itself as a one-step gel polish, or a base, color, and top coat all in one.  This sounded like a nice little time saver, so I decided to try it out. 

Fuse gelnamel "Lightning Jolt" is a clear gel polish loaded with red, blue, and fuchsia pink hexagonal glitters, as well as small silver flecks.  I used three coats on my nails and got nearly full opacity--although there were a few bald spots every now and then, the multitude of silver flecks masked all of that pretty well.  I included quite a few photos for such a simple glitter polish, but that's because the inclusion of both cool and warm toned glitters meant that my nails looked pretty different depending on the lighting--in sunny daylight, like the second photo, the blue glitter sticks out more, but in warmer lights (third photo) the pink and red glitters really sparkle against the silvery flecks in the background. It was hard to capture all of that in plain old photos, but I tried.  What really liked about this gel was the strength it gave my nails and the lack of any smell.

I have a few caveats with this gel polish, though.  I'm pretty wary of "all-in-one" gel polishes altogether because they may have some wear issues or shrinking issues--but I wanted to save some time, so I tried this product out as Fuse suggests.  

Well, first of all, since this polish is purely glitter, it was very thick and viscous, and so it did NOT shrink back from the edges of my nails at all.  Yay for that, right?  But then, the amount of glitter also made the finish different--instead of a nice, shiny top coat I had what felt like a OPI "Sand" or Zoya "Pixie Dust" finish on my nails.  The second photo I took is without a top coat--I tried to capture the scattered light this finish gave in a photo, but I think I failed, because the different colored glitters make the finish harder to discern.  However, you can see just how uneven the glitter sits by looking at the free edge of my nail on the middle finger--just keep clicking until the photo's full size!  On the one hand, I thought this finish was kind of cool, and I'd love to see companies experiment with "sand" like gel polish finishes by utilizing a multitude of densely packed, different size glitters.  On the other hand, though, I was really distressed at how the uneven finish on the edges of my nails left them catching on hair and scratching my skin by mere light contact. I gave in and put a top coat on this about 3 hours after I first did my nails. :)

As for the wear of this all-in-one gel polish, I did get some gel polish lifting from the side wall of a nail by day 4, and by day 7 about 4 nails had lifting issues.  All-in-all, as usual, if I wore this polish again, I'd probably use the traditional method of sandwiching it between a base and top coat to get improved wear.

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