Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ready for Summer? Orly SmartGel "Oh Cabana Boy"

Well, I'm definitely not ready for summer--I DO, however, want the allergy season to be OVER! With that in mind, I wanted to pick out a girly summery shade for this manicure. 

Is that summery enough?  I think it looks a little bit like my nails went back in time to the 80's or early 90's (especially with the length they're at now... I was too lazy to file!)  But I like it. 

Orly SmartGel "Oh Cabana Boy" is a fluorescent pink gel with a fine blue micro-shimmer.   The color is kind of cool, because the base leans a bit on the warmer/more orange side of pink (think of fluorescent pink plastic toys or office products, and how they almost look orange at certain angles and bends).  You can see this tone around the side wall of my nails in some photos, especially the second one.  But the blue micro-shimmer adds a cooler tone and extra depth where it catches the light, so you get a good range of "pinks" with this one gel.  For a nice change, the shimmer definitely is not overpowering, so it may stand out a lot or barely at all depending on your lighting--compare the first photo (with flash) to the third photo (with more indirect sunlight).

 I think I used three or four coats for this gel polish, but I really can't remember.  The problem I had with this color (as well as the other Orly SmartGel I used previously) is that it was just a little too sheer for my liking.  While the application was smooth and even, the color just didn't build up to full opacity, so I stopped once I was just "OK" with the amount of coverage.  You can still see some "visible nail line" in a lot of lights and even in some of my photos--especially the first and fourth photos.

I have two more Orly SmartGel shades to wear eventually--hopefully the sheerness isn't a problem with all of them!

PS Did you know the 10th anniversary of the movie "Mean Girls" was April 30th?  I'm happy to say that yes, that Wednesday I WAS wearing this pink! :)  Look at this LinkUp of others who wore pink recently, too:

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